Group 5: Instrument panel, accessoires, signalling, lighting, wiring

Wiring, Electrical equipment, Bulbs, Instrument panel, Switches, Battery and securing, Headlamps, Front Direction indicators, Headlamp glasses, Headlamp securing, Self-levelling Headlamp devices, Directional Control of Headlamps, Rear Lights, Boot/Trunk Lighting, Interior Lighting, Windscreen Wipers, Windscreen Washers, Headliamp Washer, Horn, Relays, Fuses,Pressure Switches, Glove box, Ashtray, Radio

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  • NOS directional light
    NOS directional light

    NOS right front directional light. Citroen # 95 650 970. - Cat. 0271, Gr. 5, Subgr. 05-5420-10, # 1 - Cat. 0269, Gr. 5, Subgr. 05-5420-10, # 1

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