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If you recognise a part, or are interested in it, please feel free to contact us. citroen@citroen-andre.com

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  • Transmission or Engine mount ?
    Transmission or Engine mount ?

    We have two of these mounts. If you know where they are for or if you can use them let us know.

    We are told they are for Renault Fuego's. Anybody interested? Let me know whathey are worth for you. Mail to:…

  • Rod, piston
    Rod, piston

    Looks like a piston for a hydr component. Three grooves, 2 larger than the other one. Length 127 mm, dia 12 mm. Recessed hole on both ends. Citroën # 5 412 182, N 231-89

  • NOS stator
    NOS stator

    NOS stator for alternator. Citroën # 5 480 016, Femsa 19465 & 19465-11LB. We cannot find the P/N in our books. Any idea for which alternator or car this is, or interested? Please let us know. Part is identified as a GSA stator,…

  • NOS fuel filler hoses ?
    NOS fuel filler hoses ?

    NOS fuel filler hoses. Both without partnumber. Upper one with Citroen tape, so definately for a Citroën model. Our best guess is that the upper one is for a BX model. If you can identify them or are interested in purchasing one…

  • NOS hubcaps
    NOS hubcaps

    Set of 4 NOS hubcaps with an outside diameter of 250 mm. Packed in a Citroën bag and labelled 5 414 401. It came as part of a shipment of NOS from a multi make dealer in the Middle East. They sold a.o. Citroen, Peugeot, Chrysler,…

  • NOS piston, shaft, roller
    NOS piston, shaft, roller

    NOS shaft, piston, roller. No idea what it is. Packed in unlabelled plastic Citroën bag. Overall length is 67 mm. Any idea? Please contact us.

  • NOS lock assembly
    NOS lock assembly

    We have several of these assemblies. No partnumbers only those Eastern European (Russian?) letters or maybe a logo. Certainly looks like a Citroën design or maybe copied from Citroën... Any idea for which car this is, what the…

  • NOS shaft
    NOS shaft

    NOS shaft. Driveshaft? Overall length, measured from the mounting plate is 67 cm. No part number or markings. Unboxed, so we cannot even see if it's Citroën. Any idea for which car? Interested? Please let us know.

  • NOS joint  (Identified !)
    NOS joint (Identified !)

    NOS joint, CV joint? Shaft for 4WD? We have more than one, in sealed Citroën boxes with the partnumber 5 409 701. So definately a Citroën part. Any ides for which model? Interested? Please feel free to contact us.

    Part is…

  • Veglia electronic box
    Veglia electronic box

    13 pin electronic box. Box says 95 494 063. The parts says Veglia and on the sticker something like 95 555 769, maybe 95 565 769. The plastic box measures about 65 x 60 x 20 mm. It looks like the central locking unit in a CX but…

  • no image available

    NOS anti-roll bar connecting rod

    Selection of lights, light housings, as agreed

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