Group 8: Interior and Seat Trimming, Seats, Carpets, Wheel Accessoiries

Inner Rear View Mirrors, Sun Visors, Safety Belts, Tools, Wheel Accessories, Rear Bench, Front Seats, Carpets, Body Trimming, Door Panels, 

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  • Headrest supports
    Headrest supports

    Set of four chrome supports for side mounted front headrests. Very accurate reproduction. Citroën # DS 942-73A. Cat. 562, P. 562-166, #1 & # 3.

  • NOS mirror base
    NOS mirror base

    NOS chrome mirror base for mounting on dashboard. DX-DJ DX-DJ USA 3/68>) Citroën # DW 551 2A. Cat 562, P. 833. No drawing, only listed in the text page.

  • Rubber surround, BK
    Rubber surround, BK

    Rubber surround for Break/Familiale models, L=5370 cm. Perfect reproduction without metal insert. Can be transplanted though. Citroën # 5 418 724, DJF 988-201A. Cat. 648, Gr. 8, Subgr. 8-982/2, #2.

  • Rubber surround, BL
    Rubber surround, BL

    Rubber surround for non Pallas Berline/Sedan models. Perfect reproduction without the metal insert. Can be transplanted if you want. Citroën # 5 418 723, DV 988-201A. Cat. 648, Gr. 8, Subgr. 8-982, #2.

  • NOS ID hubcap
    NOS ID hubcap

    NOS alu ID hubcap for early ID models BL & BK, 192 mm, 10/58 - 02/63. Cat. 470, P. 289, BK: Cat. 479, P. 214. No picture; only mentioned in the text page.

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