Group 6: Engine mountings, Fuel System, Exhaust, Cooling, Airco, Bumpers

Engine and Gearbox Suspension, Fuel Pump, Fuel Piping, Fuel Tank, Evaporative Loss Control, Exhaust, Water Piping, Ventilation Ducts, Defrosting, Blower, Bumpers, Condensor and Blower, Tubing for airco, Heating, Central Airco unit, Ventilation, Control units for Heating, Control housing and Ventilation apertures

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  • NOS 3-way union
    NOS 3-way union

    NOS nylon 3-way union SM IE. Citroën # 5 419 316, DX 144-219A. Cat. 642, Gr. 6, Subgr. 6-175/1, # 12. Also for DS IE.

  • NOS fuel pump filter
    NOS fuel pump filter

    NOS filter for fuel pump. Citroën # 5 406 001, S 173-283 A. Cat. 642, Gr. 6, Subgr. 6-173, # 2.

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